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About the Practice:

Ellis Family Dentistry is a family-run dental practice operating in Hopewell, VA since 1978. We are a growth-oriented practice focused on a balance of state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned, friendly service. We value our team like family and help each individual reach their professional potential. We believe that great service starts with a great team. Our dentists and dental professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional and caring service. Check us out on Google, Facebook, and at

Job Description:

The Clinical Coordinator is pivotal role that supports the patient’s dental experience and the flow of patients in the back, as well as proper functioning and maintenance of office equipment, supplies, quality control of proper documentation in patient charts, and documentation of general office compliance according to current regulations. Therefore, the duties include the list below but not limited to these listed tasks. Responsible for doing “whatever it takes” to maximize quality, efficiency, and compliance in the clinical portion of the practice including filling in for clinical work where needed.
This person needs to be comfortable developing new processes as an innovative self-starter, thinking “outside the box” to develop solutions even when dealing with unknowns in a fast paced environment.
A new assistant or trainee will NOT be suitable for this position. This position will require a great deal of clinical knowledge and experience, and someone very versed in the inner-workings of a dental office, both clinically and with physical equipment and materials.


  • Responsible for performing all functions of the back office related to: Developing, coordinating, and maintaining a productive Clinical schedule and filling in where necessary.
  • Team up with the Practice Manager and Front Desk to coordinate movement of patients through clinical rooms to maximize efficiency.
  • Coordinate Doctor movements in support of efficient way/s to see patients without compromising quality.
  • Coordinate hygiene checks to maximize productivity and quality in treatment, keep hygiene schedule on time and helping hygienists to utilize iTero scanner and other value added services.
  • Responsible for ordering dental supplies to maintain appropriate inventory within office budget.
  • Partner with the PM and Dental Assistants to oversee the Lab Case system in direct support with producing tracking and accountable measures to ensure all cases are timely worked and closed.
  • Monitors ongoing compliance with OSHA, HIPAA, and VA Board of Dentistry regulations. CC will be required to maintain up to date on these rules in order to disseminate information to the rest of the team.
  • Create systems and procedures, and logs for regular equipment maintenance to ensure proper compliance with safety regulations
  • Experience and knowledge of chairside dental assisting will be required, in order to be able to jump in and assist the doctor and/or hygienist in clinical procedures when necessary.
  • Create manual for procedure setups and train new team members, specific to each doctor, hygienist, or procedure.
  • Work closely with Lead Dental Assistant and Lead Hygienist to ensure that appointments are appropriately staffed
  • Work with front desk to let them know when appointments are running behind
  • Monitor quality of medical histories, chart notes, consent forms, and documentation required for each type of appointment per VA Board regulations
  • Monitor CE and certification requirements for doctors and hygienists, upload these requirements to a central database
  • Monitor required postings in office and trainings for staff
  • Monitor sterilization quality including regular testing, also water testing for suction lines
  • Responsible for doing “whatever it takes” to maximize quality, efficiency, and compliance in the clinical portion of the practice.
  • Comfortable communicating requirements to other team members in a supportive role, as well as pitching in on every day tasks including chairside assisting when needed.


  • Solution minded, self-starter, thinking "outside the box" to ensure smooth operations in the clinical portion of the dental office
  • A great deal of knowledge and experience with dental materials and equipment
  • Someone who is meticulous about systems for regular documentaton and procedure
  • Someone who is not afraid to jump in and handle complications with equipment, staffing, and patients.
  • X-ray certification required
  • Knowledge of lab techniques, pouring models, tracking lab cases.
  • Comfortable montoring and maintaining strict standards of cleanliness in lab and clinical areas.

Benefits Offered:

In return for providing an excellent patient experience, we offer a great benefits package for full-time positions to include health and dental benefits, 401(k), holiday pay and paid time off.

Salary Range: $22-26/hr dependent on experience Requisition Number: 2023-8266

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