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About SmileMax365 Do you consider yourself an over achieving, self starter? Would you like to level up your career or are you looking for an exciting new career opportunity within the Dental Field? Well look no further! Here at SmileMax365 we offer just that. We strive to change the face of Dentistry in America by making healthy confident smiles accessible to everyone. We exist to maximize patients life with the healthiest and most precise smile possible through scientifically advanced and easily accessible dental care. What does Success Look like in this position? This person will need to be outgoing , energetic , pragmatic , and think quick on their feet . Our Front Desk Receptionists will bring excellent communication skills to the team as well as a can-do-attitude . They will also be knowledgeable on industry specifics and bring vitality to the team while serving our patients and community with kindness and excellence. SmileMax365's Core Values At SmileMax365 we believe in working together in alignment with one another. In order to do this we believe we must have culture values to help us accomplish this. * Excellence * Vitality * Kindness * Pragmatic * Reliable * Urgency We all share these core values - and so will the next team member we bring on! A Day in the Life of a Front Desk Receptionist at SmileMax365: On any given day at SmileMax365 you can expect to encounter the following: * Arriving 15 Minutes early to be ready for 8:45am Huddle * Working with a driven team of 2-3 Excellent Full Scope Dentists, hygienists and Dental Assistants * Caring for patients that come from all over the valley * Working in an office that is Modern, Up-to-date, Sterile and Safe * Treating every patient as if it were you receiving the care * Excitedly checking-in between 7-10 Patients each day * Interfacing with patients through phone, email, and other platforms in a professional manner * Multi-tasking between different roles at the same time * Navigating solutions independently to serve patient requests * Assisting with presenting treatment plans and financial arrangements * Assisting will all administrative tasks * Answering phone calls and follow ups within regular business hours * Following up on large cases to aid patients in financing options * Following up on recall patients * Exerting Time Management skills when given multiple tasks * Showing Kindness and care to all patients and staff This Role is for you if.... * You love working in an high volume, fast paced environment * You thrive when you are given the opportunity to show and prove your skills * You enjoy consistent communication and feedback * You love working with patients that have minor or major dental needs * You can't live without contributing to the greater good and health of others * You absolutely love being accessible to your community and their needs * You are able to prioritize your workload in an efficient manner * You are able to multitask, an accomplish multiple projects at the same time * Excellence in customer service drives you * You demonstrate a positive attitude, self motivation, organization, and resourcefulness * You are driven by results, solutions and impact * You are reliable and act with a sense of urgency * You exude kindness and respect at all times This Role is not for you if.... * You are not energized by working with and helping people * You treat this position at a job and not a career * You prefer working independently to collaborating with a team * You need quiet and consistency to work your best * You are uncomfortable learning new processes and procedures * You take your time and avoid moving with a sense of urgency * You are not pragmatic nor exhibit vitality to the team * You are one track minded * You do not operate with kindness What winning looks like? * We support you in winning by reviewing metrics related to call conversion, schedule efficacy, fielding cancellations/no-shows, and data entry accuracy daily and providing continuous training and development support to help you succeed * Seamless patient experiences are created for every patient every time * You are able to manage your workload in a fashion that eliminates the need to work outside of shift hours Deal Breaker.... * If you are not outgoing * If you are not able to communicate effectively with the doctors and patients * If you do not take initiative and anticipate the patients or doctors needs * If you are not able to influence patients to move forward with pending treatments * If you are not reliable or pragmatic * If you do not operate with kindness What's Next? Still want to join our Team? Great! If you enjoy working with driven team members and are looking to make a difference in the community, apply today! We take culture very seriously, and because of that when its right, it's right! If after reading the full job description you are thinking "this sounds PERFECT for me," then we want to get to know you. When you join the team here at SmileMax365

Smile Max 365 is a modern, high tech dental office. Conveniently located in North Central Phoenix. Vibrant surrounding area minus the hustle and bustle of Downtown Phoenix. We are currently seeking an enthusiastic Hygiene Treatment Plan Coordinator. Our office is close to many restaurants, and hiking nearby with beautiful mountain views. We are making a difference in our community by providing healthy confident smiles. Helping people keep their teeth for life!

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